This site's design is a nod to early 2000s web design fueled by the likes of 2Advanced Studios, Pixelsurgeon, K10k, and THREE.OH. These leaders in web design were my go-to for inspiration both in design school and in my early design career. Headline type is set in Emigre's Lo-Res, a throwback to a time when we were much closer to the pixels we were manipulating, often in a setting less than 800 pixels in width. Body type is set in Tzimmes by Capitalics out of Poland.

Foundation is the front-end framework being used. I preferred Atom as my text editor to manually write custom HTML and CSS. The typical Adobe suite of products was used to create graphics and size images equally spread between a homebrew PC and a 15" MacBook Pro. Light editing was accomplished using KDE Neon. Files were shared between environments using OneDrive. Development took place primarily using Firefox.

Additional inspiration came from fermenting tabasco and carolina reaper peppers for hot sauce, pressure washing the garage, celebrating Christmas away from family due to the pandemic, stove top cooked popcorn, two instances of light snow, one on Christmas, and the passing of our outdoor cat, Milton.

The majority of this site was built during winter break between Thanksgiving 2020 and New Year's Day 2021.

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