I've been building websites in one form or another since 1996. My earliest professional experience with the web was as a frontend developer and graphic designer, eventually transitioning into a user experience design role that allowed me to harness both my educational background in design and my desire to build digital experiences.

User experience and product design roles led me to product owner and product manager roles and eventually a director position helping to level up the team around me. I've worked in an agency environment, freelance, ecommerce, email marketing, video production, hospitality, the world of stock art, and now affiliate marketing.

I'm currently in a product management position while also enrolled as a graduate student at the Savannah College of Art and Design working toward my MA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience.

The current iteration of this site came about as the result of a personal branding exercise from the capstone course of my MA degree with SCAD.

Foundation is the front-end framework being used. I preferred Atom as my text editor to manually write custom HTML and CSS. The typical Adobe suite of products was used to create graphics and size images. Development took place primarily using Firefox and VSCode.

Inspiration came from my interest in motorsports and space. More insight into the branding process can be viewed here [PDF].