Artificial Intelligence Is

Experience Design • Data Visualization

This project was designed to help viewers understand the human perception of AI so that we may better understand the impacts of advanced technology on the human race. Data was sourced from the Twitter API and then analyzed.

Audience & Context
This analog experience targets workers in the tech industry forcing them to call into question the powerful and dangerous outcomes of AI. For deeper insight into this project, view the process book [PDF].

From a distance, viewers can get a sense of the context of the experience, but must get closer to receive the message.

Artificial Intelligence Is mock-up in space, including a wall-mounted visual accompanied by a set of cards mounted on the wall.
Detail of the visual, revealing a jumbled set of words and shapes.

At the closest point, letters, words, and shapes become clear, but the message is still scrambled.

Decoder card detail resembles an old computer punch card in look and feel.

Decoder cards can be picked up from the wall-mounted dispenser. Directions explain how to line up the card to the corresponding shape and decode the message.

Four decoder cards, each a different color.

Each card reveals a different category of discord: AI as our savior, AI as our downfall, AI normalized, and AI as an economic benefit.

Two examples of the decoder cards in use to reveal messages.

Decoder cards decoding a message on the wall.