Run Now Conference

Design a conference experience

This was a 10 week project spent inventing a completely new conference, the brand experience, and the physical experience of the event.

In conjunction with the design project, conceptually we explored the concepts of design thinking and the 4 orders of design.

Visual Designer

Run Now logo


  • Invent a completely new conference.
  • Design the logo and subsequent brand experience.
  • Design all conference materials, including badges and programs.
  • Design a series of promotional materials and strategy.
  • Designate a conference space and design the physical experience.


Process explored existing conferences, defined an audience and personas, worked through mood boards to define themes, and produced extensive iterations over each deliverable of the project.

Personas Logo exploration Logo exploration Logo exploration Event space Program
Personas Logo exploration Logo exploration Badges Program Program
Mood boards Logo exploration Logo exploration Badges Program Program


The mission of the Run Now conference is to encourage citizens to run for local office and improve the communities they live in.

The design plays off traditional political icons and color palettes, while introducing a new visual style. War Memorial Plaza near the Tennessee State Capitol building was chosen as the location and a wide range of promotional items targeted a broad audience.

Run Now logo
Event space Instagram Printed program Ads on receipts
Event space Billboard Printed program Badges