Passion Project

Promoting a cause I'm passionate about

This is a poster project designed to highlight the educational and community volunteer opportunities available through the communications hobby, Amateur Radio.

These posters were made available via social media for others to download and promote.

Visual Designer

Space Station Poster


Students were asked to promote something they're passionate about.

Wireframes + Iterations

This project started out as a set of cheat-sheets or Cliff's Notes for web developers. The concept was to develop a set of cards that web developers could reference. Cards focused on HTML and CSS.

I quickly realized that I wasn't able to bring anything new to that subject matter and decided to switch gears toward the Amateur Radio hobby since it's relatively unknown, and also very wide in potential scope.

Passion Project process


The final outcome of this project was a series of 4 posters, 24 x 18 inches each. They were designed to stand alone or display together as a group. Each poster highlights a different are of the hobby, including assisting the National Weather Service, speaking with astronauts on the International Space Station, community volunteer support, and the ability to have fun talking with people across the globe.

Once the posters were designed, they were then promoted via social media as a way for others to download, print, and promote.

Passion Project Poster: Public Service Passion Project Poster: Storm Spotting
Passion Project Poster: Global Communication Passion Project Poster: International Space Station
Printed passion project poster and social media promotion.