Wicked Problems

Research • Problem Solving • Poster Design

Solving Wicked Problems was an exercise in starting with a huge, seemingly unsolvable problem, working through a process to understand the problem, and narrowing the scope down to a solvable solution.

Audience & Context
The final deliverable was a poster designed to create awareness among the local community of a solution that aims to eliminate isolation and loneliness. For deeper insight into this project, view the process book [PDF].

A signal communicates mental health.

A device that hangs outside of a home signals the current mental state of the occupant. Depending on the signal, volunteers or neighbors may intervene, or simply let the individual be. A community that champions mental health awareness reduces health problems while maintaining connectivity to eachother.

Mental health signals hanging from homes, and the people who rely on them.

Mental health signals hanging in context of a community and the people that rely on those signals.

A poster helps promote the need and benefits of the mental health awareness program.

A poster communicates the community benefits of opting into the mental health signal program.