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The Manifesto project was an exercise that helped define my personal values in relation to being a Graphic Designer. Once those values were established, a visual component was created in poster form to illustrate the message of the manifesto.

Audience & Context
The manifesto targets graphic designers and asks them to question the outcomes of the corporate work that they help facilitate.

Manifesto Promise Poster

The written portion of the manifesto [PDF] was inspired by a number of well known manifestos, including First Things First published in 1964, and its more recent update published in 2000.

While these earlier versions focused on consumerism and advertising as problematic, my manifesto focuses inward on ourselves as designers. The manifesto calls out the responsibility we have not to perpetuate the current issues in our tech driven society.

Wall mock-up

I was also heavily influenced by the current state of big tech and how that technology is being used to divide us. At the same time, I was reading Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro which undoubtedly contributed to the theme of this project.

QR code detail Manifesto on phone