Civic Plaza

WayFinding • Public Art Installation • Experience Design

This project reimagines a multi-purpose civic space by introducing signage & direction finding, a public art installation, and a throwback to the people that lived in the area long before the city was established.

Audience & Context
This refreshed civic space targets the citizens of Murfreesboro, Tennessee helping them becoming more familiar with their city and local resources. For deeper insight into this project, view the process book [PDF].

Main pathways in and out of Civic Plaza

A study of the existing space reveals the main entry and exit ways of foot traffic throughout Civic Plaza.

Directional signage

Directional signage mimics the angular slabs of limestone often found in the natural environment of the area.

Park entry sign
Civic Plaza public art installation

The public art installation also mimics the surrounding limestone while highlighting the 5 elements that make up a civil society: Rules, Service, Freedom, Justice, and Citizens.

Pathway mural illustration

A pathway mural provides a self-guided tour of the prehistoric people of the area and what was important in their lives.

Pathway mural mock-up from above
Pathway mural ground level
Library entry experience

A new library entry experience clearly communicates the abundance of knowledge and entertainment that lives behind the walls of the library. To the left of the entrance is a 24/7 lending library made of repurposed beverage refridgerators providing snacks of knowledge at all time.