aurōra ēmōtus

Experience Design • Motion Graphics

Aurōra ēmōtus illustrates the range of emotion that is conjured up when viewing the Northern Lights. The experience takes place in a large gallery space fitted with projection technology to transport the viewer through a series of visual and audible events that range from subtle to extraordinary.

Audience & Context
This projection experience targets people interested in the powerful emotion that can be generated by nature on planet Earth.

Concept sketch of a patio chair and the Northern Lights above.

The initial concept sketch envisions an outdoor-like space where viewers can experience both the visual and emotional components of the Northern Lights.

Photoshop mock-ups of the exhibition space, featuring a dark setting.

Virtual exhibition space
The exhibition space is compiled from various pieces of stock photography to create a space resembling a night time, outdoor atmosphere.

Projection video was created by shining various light sources through different objects to create abstract shapes of light.
Video of abstract shapes of light were compiled in After Effects to create an aurora-like experience.

Designing with light
LED light and laser light was passed through various household objects and projected onto a canvas. The light was recorded using a digital video camera.

Each light sample was compiled in After Effects, pairing different patterns and motion to represent various levels of emotion.

Screenshots of the final experience.

Video frames from the final rendered experience.

Click to play video of the abstract aurora.
click to play a video of the final aurora experience.

Representing emotion through light
This is the compilation of light representing emotion. This version includes text cues of each emotional data point and a sound track that provides additional emotional cues.

aurōra ēmōtus as it would be exhibited
The exhibition space leaves out the text and audio cues, leaving the viewer to become immersed in the environment to experience and produce their own emotional dataset and journey as they react to the light. In addition, this version communicates a world of magic and wonder beyond what exists in a human rendered environment.