Emma Social Platform

Social media management website for marketers

Emma Social was designed to give social media marketers a single platform to manage multiple social accounts. This included tools to create, schedule, and reply to content as well as analyze engagement metrics.

I served as the User Experience Designer for this project, responsible for all user interactions and UI design.

UX Designer, Visual Designer

UX + UI Design, user research, user testing, wireframes + prototypes

Emma Social activity and scheduling

Problems to solve

  • Managing multiple social accounts across multiple platforms is cumbersome, confusing, and time consuming.
  • Audience engagement is difficult to measure.
  • Reports and unique insights are difficult or non-existent among current social platforms.

Wireframes + Prototypes

Wireframes and prototypes were a staple for this project. They served as validation tools for project stakeholders and early customers before investing in engineering and development time.

User Testing

User testing was heavily relied upon to ensure the interactions built were meeting the needs of customers. This involved a robust process of user interviews and interaction testing. Our goal was to reduce friction and help the user quickly move on to more important tasks.


In the end, Emma Social succeeded in giving social media marketers a unique view into their audiences, clear insights into engagement levels, and a tool set that saved time.

Emma Social was released as a beta product to several hundred customers.